By Gwen Payne

Being a stay-at-home parent, or SAHP, is one of the most important jobs in the world. After all, you are raising and educating future generations! Still, it never hurts to have one or two side jobs that will allow you to raise a little extra cash for your family, especially if you’re a single parent. Of course, you need to be able to do these jobs from home, too. So here are a few feasible options you can consider.

Open an E-Commerce Shop

If you dream of owning a business, turn your attention to e-commerce. While there are endless options for e-commerce, dropshipping and print on demand are two of the most convenient and accessible for new entrepreneurs. With print on demand, you can easily customize shirts, mugs and other items for customers, all while generating some pretty decent profits. Dropshipping can be another lucrative way for SAHP’s to earn income without ever leaving their homes. With dropshipping, you don’t have to invest or hold onto physical inventory, which means that your startup costs for a dropshipping business can be extremely low.

Start a Home-Based Business

Another way you can be your own boss without having to be away from the kids is to start a home-based business. Technically an e-commerce shop could be considered this sort of business, but there are other home-based businesses you can use to earn some extra cash. You could provide bookkeeping, medical transcription or proofreading services all from the comfort of your home, and these services are always in demand. If you’re up for a little more company, you could also consider starting a pet sitting business out of your home. Starting any sort of pet care business can be a simple and effective way for parents to boost their income. 

Look for Freelance Opportunities

Are you a gifted writer? Or maybe you have a knack for organization? If you have these or other skills on your resume, you may be able to find freelance jobs that will allow you to generate some extra income from home. Both small and big businesses are always on the lookout for freelance writers and administrative assistants to help out with projects, but there may be freelance work opportunities in other areas as well. If freelancing sounds like the right fit for you, you can use job boards to get started. Just keep in mind that earning income as a freelancer can make your taxes a little more complicated, but you can find freelance tax guides to help you out.

Tutor Kids or Adults Online

There’s no question that tutoring can help children perform better in school. With even a little extra help, children who are tutored can go on to excel in essential subjects like math, science, reading and even advocacy. If you want to be a part of helping children succeed, you can always offer tutoring services online. These tutoring websites are always looking for qualified individuals to help students learn a variety of subjects and you can choose from a variety of ages. Of course, you can also provide tutoring services to adults to earn some extra cash. For instance, with a bachelor’s degree you could teach English online to adults all over the world.

Find Virtual Customer Service Jobs

If you seriously want to keep your job search simple, you may want to think about applying for an online customer service job with an established company. Corporations like Best Buy and Apple are always looking to hire friendly folks to provide customer service online, and you can usually provide that service via chat. So this could be a perfect work-from-home position if you have children who tend to be noisy. While these positions may not pay as much as other remote jobs, the flexibility and security they can provide to busy parents can be well worth the trade.

Your kids are your number one priority, but staying at home to care for them doesn’t have to mean missing out on income. From starting an online business to customer service to freelancing, there are endless opportunities for SAHP’s to earn the extra cash they need to provide for their families. Hopefully, one of these options will work for you!